Bring clean free cooking fuel to communities in need. Support our Global Biogas Education programs.

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Your support helps our growing non-profit organization to bring small biogas education to all.

Thousands of people in rural and urban communities around the world have been empowered through our hands-on-workshops and presentations. Women and families in need of free clean cooking fuel and nutrient dense fertilizer have been able to reduce their dependence on firewood and fossil fuels, and are able to grow food, flowers, and crops in previously "dead" soil.

It's very exciting and encouraging to see efforts around the globe taking place. However, with urgent change comes challenges. For example, in Kenya, where the use of firewood has been banned, alternative fuels are often inaccessible or not affordable. Biogas is both accessible and affordable, as everyone has "poop" and food waste, and EVERYONE can learn to build a biodigester from materials sourced from their own community.

We need your help to support for our global outreach projects, as we continue bringing small-scale biogas education to places like Haiti, Cameroon, and Kenya, through our Train the Trainer approach. We are asking everyone to rally their friends, family, and networks to support our work and various projects.

Thank you for being a part of Solar CITIES in our mission to support others.

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